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The heavy industry sector and its factories involved with large parts design and production have to face specific complexities and challenges very different from other industrial fields. Good examples come from companies involved with the manufacturing of parts for power generation and distribution equipment, offshore platforms, military and commercial marine vessels, rail, and special civil and military vehicles.
Due to chip size one of the most recurring problem during tapping of large parts holes relates to tools breakage– think about a blind hole and the evacuation of the chip originated by a M48x5 thread for example.
Yamawa experience in developing threading solutions – matured in almost a century of history – and the commitment to serve all industries with dedicated products, come to the rescue providing new specific and innovative solutions.

HVSP series of taps for large diameters

In particular, the HVSP series – part of the Z-PRO series that recently joined with success the European market – are spiral fluted taps specifically designed to solve the issue of chipping and breakage in large diameter blind holes threading. Large size parts generate thick and long chips that are difficult to eject, increasing the risks of chip tangling and cutting edge chipping.
On this basis, Yamawa designed HVSP taps with three key innovative elements: the BLF thread geometry, a special geometry of the cutting edge, and an unique flute design.

Innovative features

The BLF shape on full thread portion delivers excellent cutting performances enabling the prevention of flute chipping problems. The special geometry in cutting edge prevents chip incursion from the back side of chamfer thread portion during the reverse motion. To maximize their effectiveness, HVSP large diameter taps undergo an oxidation treatment that enables flutes to retain more oil during tapping.

The oxidation treatment helps avoid welding problems on the thread portion of the tap and galling on tapped thread surface; the use of straight tapping oil in combination with the HVSP ensures therefore excellent internal surfaces.

It is worth noting that HVSP standard stock of taps extends from size M12 to M48 and from 1″ to 2″ for UN threads, therefore meeting the most of heavy industry’s needs. If required, Yamawa can produce larger diameters (the so-called semi-standard types) from blanks.

Test pool available!

HVSP is really a game changer and every time we have tested it against alternatives available, the result has always been a win and a happy customer!

Therefore, we have reserved a certain number of taps to support more of these activities and new customer trials. Hurry up to book yours until test pool supplies last! Write to or click on the button below and fill the form to contact us for customer test support.

Twing-M at Metalworking in Minsk

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The company Twing-M, Yamawa’s partner from Belarus, has attended the Metalworking exhibition held from 6th to 9th of April in Minsk. It was one the first European exhibitions attended by one of our distributors after a long period of forced stop, an important opportunity for testing the market and attendees’ reactions. Ovsey Gutfraind, member of Board of Directors draws an interesting scenario for 2021 that make us confident about a quick recovery of the industry.

“In spite of the pandemic that lasts already for more than 1 year, Twing-M has not stopped its work for a single day. We continued to work with customers on a regular basis both remotely and directly providing our service and conducting tests in the shop floor when possible.

The yearly exhibition “Metalworking” was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic, during this long delay, people have longed for communication resulting in a true desire to come to this year’ exhibition.

The majority of companies that exhibit at Metalworking annually has opted out this year, but due to the normalization of the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Belarus, we decided to participate. New customers who needed to get direct information on new products lined up at Twing-M stand! During for 4 days about 1000 customers visited our stand with an area of more than 110 square meters and 20% of the contacts were new. It was not easy to take care with such a flow of visitors, but thanks to the well-coordinated work of our colleagues and the support of our main partners, we paid attention to each of our guests.

Through our daily and systematic work, we have ensured that Yamawa Company has become recognizable in our market as a quality brand chosen for performance and reliability.

Many visitors were interested in the “Special offer” for testing, in particular taking the chance to test the taps of the new Z-PRO line which attracted a lot of attention thanks to its technological evolution.

Though all difficulties connected with the global economic situation we hope for the best and we are sure that this year Yamawa’s share at our market will be doubled in comparison with 2020.”

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The first edition of the European Catalogue has finally reached the print store. This new-brand European Catalogue YEU21 has been renewed in contents and presents several new products.

With more than 750 pages and 9.000 product items, the new Yamawa’s European Catalogue YEU21 aims at getting even closer to the needs of the european market.

This is the first catalogue completely designed and developed by Yamawa Europe’s team. It was born from the feedback that the company has received from partners, customers, and users during these years. The implementation of such suggestions resulted in great changes in the structure and product search mechanisms and led to a complete, practical, and of-immediate-use tool” states Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europe introducing the catalogue.

New products highlight

Among the most interesting new products there is the Z-PRO series of high-performance taps, that recently joined the european market with success and rapidly became a technological benchmark in many industries. Part of Z-PRO series are:

  • the VU series, designed to be used in modern multi-function machining centres and for tapping with either oil or water soluble cutting fluid.
  • HVSP taps, that quickly became the technical benchmark for large diameter blind holes
  • the new MHRZ forming taps for the high-efficiency threading of medium hardness steels
  • the new AUSP series for outstanding thread surfaces for pipe threads (types G, Rp, Rc (PT) are available)

Furthermore, the catalogue introduces the PM range of taps for the mould and die industry that completes the “red ring” series of taps and provides the metal working industry  with the best and most efficient threading solution within the whole range of 25-45 HRC hardness.

The rest of the range is divided into five further series (General purpose, Multi purpose, Material specific, High speed, and Hand taps), each with its own features that better meets the need of the production.

Yamawa Europe also proposes a wide range of taps with less common diameters and threads, such as the M11, M13, M15, M17, M19, left hand taps, BSW and UNEF threads, and UNC/UNF-thread taps with tol. 3B in the JIS and ANSI standards.

Four different product search systems

The catalogue is organized according to four different product search systems to facilitate the search and comparison of products both to “historical” users and to whom approaches Yamawa’s world for the first time. Yamawa Europe proposes the following product search systems:

  • Alphanumerical Index: a sort of technical index. Once the user identifies the Tap series most suitable for his application, the chart gives information about the available range  and technical data.
  • System Chart: for selecting in a few steps the most suitable tap depending on the application (material, hole type, cutting/forming…) and the Tap series classification. 
  • Type of thread: sorts all available products by type of thread (M, MF, UNC, UNF…)
  • Dimension: list of all sizes available in each section.

The new Tool Finder app

While waiting for your copy, use the app to find the most suitable Yamawa threading solution for your applications. Get it now!

From mobile devices: Click on the buttons to select the store. From Desktop: scan the QR code with your mobile.

Tool Finder on GPlayTool Finder on Apple StoreScan the QR code

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When tapping different materials using spiral fluted taps, some issues such as the chipping of the tap, tap breakage, tap welding may take place occasionally. The adoption of some precautions helps overcoming these problems.

Selecting a different diameter of the bored hole is a simple and feasible trick. Making the bored hole as large as possible may avoid the problems mentioned above. Unfortunately, the choice of the bored hole diameter is still a low-emphasized topic: a better understanding of its role within the threading applications might fix once and for most of the tapping problems.

It may be argued that there is only one recommended bored hole diameter for each tap size. For example, the tapping of M8x1.25 threads requires a bored hole of 6.8 mm. However, this statement arises from common practice and it is not strictly correct. Indeed, in ISO 2 6H class internal threads, the smallest diameter is specified to be within the 6.912~6.647 mm range.
When tapping problems occur, the first solution to solve them is to enlarge the bored hole diameter as much as possible and use the maximum value among those within the specified range, (therefore a diameter of 6.912 mm in this case).

Take a look at the example in the picture below:

Cutting volume varying with the bored hole diameter

In a M8x1.25 thread, by adjusting the bored hole diameter from 6.8 mm to 6.9 mm (overall variation about 1%) reduces the volume of the chip by 15%. As a consequence, the tapping load reduces by 13%, overcoming both the problems of breakage of the tool and that of welding.

The following table summarizes the bored hole diameter (in mm) for main metric threads. Yamawa suggests considering the bored hole diameter closest to maximum minor diameter (D1) of the internal thread.

SIZED1 MAX [mm]D1 min [mm]Bored Hole Size [mm]
M1.4 X 0.3(1.142)(1.075)1.13
M1.6 X 0.351.3211.2211.30
M1.7 X 0.351.4211.3211.40
M2 X 0.41.6791.5671.65
M2.5 X 0.452.1382.0132.11
M3 X 0.52.5992.4592.56
M4 X 0.73.4223.2423.38
M5 X 0.84.3344.1344.28
M6 X 15.1534.9175.09
M8 X 1.256.9126.6476.85
M10 X 1.58.6768.3768.60
M10 X 1.258.9128.6478.85
M12 X 1.7510.44110.10610.4
M12 X 1.510.67610.37610.6
M14 X 212.21011.83512.1
M14 X 1.512.67612.37612.6
M16 X 214.21013.83514.1
M16 X 1.514.67614.37614.6
M18 X 2.515.74415.29415.6
M18 X 1.516.67616.37616.6
M20 X 2.517.74417.29417.6
M20 X 1.518.67618.37618.6
M24 X 321.25220.75221.1
M24 X 1.522.67620.37620.6

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The oxidation treatment (i.e., OX treatment) creates porosities or small pockets on the surface of the tool. Drops and molecules of the cutting fluid accumulate in these pockets and help with the lubrication of the tool.

The enhanced lubrication reduces the friction between the tool and the workpiece and helps to prevent chip welding. The added lubrication at the cutting edge also helps to improve the surface finish of the internal thread. The OX treatment does not add to the tools hardness or rigidity, but you can expect extended tool life in ferrous materials from the added lubrication.

Oxidation treatment – comparison between non-oxidized and oxidized tools.

Let us better clarify this concept in practice. Take the tapping of an AISI 304 stainless steel (hardness of 165~171 HB) workpiece material as an example. The chart above compares the amount of tool life of an SP-VA spiral fluted tap without any oxidizing surface treatment (to the left) and the tool life of the same tap with the oxidizing surface treatment. The chart highlights that the surface treatment has allowed a three-times longer tool life.

Given the above, Yamawa recommends the use of taps with OX surface treatment for tapping stainless steels and ductile and easy welding workpiece materials, such as the low carbon steels.

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This article introduces the Yamawa Blue Rings Series of taps for stainless steel. It gives technical advices about the effectiveness of the oxidization treatment (OX) and non-water soluble oil use. Furthermore, this Focus highlights the advantages of larger bored holes before tapping.

Yamawa’s series of taps for stainless steel (Blue Ring Series) is comprised of the following types:

  • SP+VA and SL+VA taps. They are designed for medium cutting speeds (~10 m/min for the SP+VA and ~15 m/min for SL+VA, respectively); we suggest the synchro-rigid tapping.
  • SP-VA and PO-VA taps. They are designed for lower speed machining on drill machines and machining centers, the recommended speed is ~10 m/min
  • SU2-SP taps for hard-to-machine stainless steel such as the AISI 316 – 1.4401 and AISI 317 – 1.4466. One recommends the use of such taps with full-synchronized feed, rigid holder (no axial floating), non-water soluble oil. The recommended tapping speed is 5~15 m/min.

The Blue Ring Series

The following table summarizes the Yamawa tools available for stainless steel tapping, depending on the machining of blind or through holes.

AISI 303
X10CrNiS 18 9
AISI 304
X5CrNi 18 10
AISI 316
X5CrNiMo 17 12 2
AISI 317
X5CrNi 18 15
AISI 303
X10CrNiS 18 9
AISI 303
X10CrNiS 18 9

Effectiveness of oxidization (OX) treatment and non-water soluble oil.

Stainless steels are materials prone to get welding and having torn thread problems after tapping. Therefore, Yamawa manufactures taps for stainless steels with oxidization treatment because it enhances the surface porosity. The porous film works as an oil pocket to reduce friction, to avoid welding, and to improve the surface finishing of internal screws.

Read out more about the effectiveness of the OX treatment in the Tech Tip section (click here).

The advantage of a larger bored hole before tapping.

When tapping trouble occurs, the first solution is to enlarge the bored hole size before tapping. The larger bored hole diameter can help to solve the breakage and welding problems and it delivers longer tool life.

To know more about the effectiveness of OX treatment and the advantages of a larger bored hole size see the Tech Tip web section!

Click on the image below and download the brochure to know more about the Blue Ring Series!

Click and download the brochure
Blue Ring Series: the best solution for stainless steel.

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AUSP family is fully developed for the Pipes Industry to produce G, Rp and Rc threads, where the main challenge is to combine reliability with versatility and finishing quality, even on structural steel (sticky and characterized by long chips), tipically used by customers in this segment.

Yamawa AUSP Series meet perfectly these requirements thanks to a set of specially-developed technical features:

  • “high positive” cutting angle;
  • special “heel design”;
  • BLF geometry;
  • in-house developed coating.

AUSP Series drastically reduce galling troubles on the cutting edge and improves chip ejection, allowing high reliability and long tool life. AUSP taps are multi-purpose, since they are suitable for tapping a wide range of materials: structural steel; carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In Rp and Rc threads, this family also includes long shank solutions.





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Japanese company Yamawa presents at EMO in Hannover the new line of Z-PRO taps – the evolution of high performance tapping.

With the introduction of the VUSP and VUPO taps, Yamawa launches the new range of Z-PRO taps, which embeds the experience and threading expertise gained over the decades to provide the industry with a state-of-the-art product. VUSP (spiral fluted taps for blind holes) and VUPO (spiral pointed taps for through holes) are designed to deliver top performances both in mass production and small batches applications, without jeopardising performance, reliability and quality.

“In the current production scenario, flexibility is the key that helps our clients dealing with different requests quickly while ensuring the utmost quality – said Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europeour new VUSP and VUPO taps of the Z-PRO range, designed to be used in modern multi-function machining centres, allow our clients to obtain the highest performance on different materials, such as steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium.”

VUSP and VUPO taps are developed to obtain continuous and reliable tapping, as well as to extend significantly the tool life thanks to exceptional chip evacuation. The new taps feature an innovative flute design allowing optimal chip control and lower cutting forces resulting in excellent finishing quality of the internal threads.

The taps are made with premium quality powder high-speed steel, produced based on Yamawa’s specifications and feature a new special coating to maximise wear resistance.


For further details, download the product brochure!

Yamawa taps for automotive

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Yamawa introduces the new MHSP taps, specifically designed for improving productivity in medium hardness carbon steel blind holes tapping.

Yamawa MHSP taps
These new taps extend the range of Yamawa solutions dedicated to the automotive industry. The MHSP family allows exceptional finish quality of the internal thread and cutting speed ranging from 5 to 30 m/min according to the type of steel to be machined.

Specifically designed for the automotive industry, this new type of tap allows to improve significantly the productivity in manufacturing of workpieces such as hub bearing, connecting rods, crank shafts, tie rod ends, differential ring gears, swing bearings.


Download the MHSP brochure.

«The MHSP family of taps for automotive is a significant addition to a range which is already gaining appreciation by several important production centers in Asia and in Europe – says Alessandro Sorgato, CEO Yamawa EuropeThis is possible thanks to the dramatic increase in productivity and stability of performances enabled by the innovations introduced with the products we have launched recently».

Yamawa's automotive taps
The MHSP taps will be initially available in the range from M8 to M16 enhancing the portfolio of solutions developed by Yamawa for manufacturers in the automotive industry:

  • MHSL, solution for high productivity through holes tapping of medium hardness steel such as carbon steel and medium carbon steel;
  • MHRZ, forming taps for medium hardness carbon steel allowing a dramatic increase of tool life;
  • AXE-HT, for high performance tapping of Alluminum alloy casting work-pieces;
  • MC-AD-CT, ultra-fine micrograin carbide taps with internal coolant holes for blind holes tapping of Alluminum and Alluminum alloy casting work-pieces.

MHSP taps feature specific coating and geometry to enable an extremely long tool life, marking a further step forward for the range of SP (Spiral) solutions for steel. The SP range includes already the ISP for hand tapping, SP for general purpose use, AU+SP for high performance and universal use, F-SP for high speed tapping and HFISP with internal coolant for ultra-high speed tapping.

To get additional information about Yamawa products, please contact or visit our extensive library with easy-to-download documentation and product brochures.

Download the MHSP brochure.

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